October 28, 2011

Kate Moss Lipstick Collection

Serious annoyance going on my side right now. After seeing swatches and posts about Kate Moss' new Lipstick Collection for Rimmel I was jealous of all the UKers who got to get their hands on these lippies. THEN, to my delight, one night I was watching TV here in Australia and on came an advert for the new collection of 7 lipsticks. Let me just emphasise that they did say 7!

So the next day I make my way to priceline to get my hands on the one I wanted to get - the nude shade 03. (i love my nude lipsticks). Buuuuuuuuuuut of course. They didn't have any. They only had the other 6 colours. Next I made my way to Target, thinking that 03 must have just sold out really fast, nope, Target only had 6 colours too. Next, K Mart, aaaaaaaaand nope also just 6. Sigh! 

I don't get why Australia fails to see the appeal in nude lipsticks? So annoying. Anyway, rant over :)
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