December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

  **Merry Christmas**
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got everything you wanted...

Since my dad is Austrian, the traditional way to celebrate Christmas is on the 24th in the evening (opening presents etc included) and since my mum is British, the traditional way is celebrating and opening presents on the 25th instead. So we always try and compromise the the situation, when we were younger we used to always open the presents on the 24th because me and my sister were so impatiant; but now that we are older we always open everything on the 25th.

Like every Christmas eve our family gets dressed up and goes into the Hotel to eat at the Marche restaurant. Listening to the Christmas Carols in the Hotel lobby first while drinking egg nogg or mulled wine and then making our way up to the restaurant for dinner. 
Traditional pictures in front of the Tree - Christmas Eve 2010
Then on the 25th we open up the presents and lately we've always gone to my best friends Nick's family's house for their Christmas party afterwards (this year included).
Chritsmas Day 2010
My Christmas Presents :)
I got lot of goodies. I got an iPad which I was pretty shocked about, so I have been busy getting cool apps for it and all that. My dad also gave me a signed copy of Richard Branson's book (which he signed) as my dad met him about a month ago. My mum also managed to get me the 'Urban Decay Naked' pallette which she picked up while she was on holiday in the UK. Oh and I got the MAC Carry-All bag which I wanted. And I got 3 new 'Trollbead' charms for my bracelet from my sister's boyfriend and my English family. Yeah... I'm happy :)

I hope you all had a lovely time and were surrounded by the people who made you smile xxx

December 23, 2010


We all make mistakes in life. Some worse than others. But we all make them. But basically what's done is done. We can't change what we did, we can't change who we meet, what we do. Our past is written in stone and there's no way of changing it. The only thing left to do is to move forward. 
But the hardest thing to do is to move forward. How? Do we try and forget about what happened? Do we take what happened and try and learn from it? Do we keep our thoughts bottled up until we eventually break down? Do we let our family and friends in and let them help us along with what is to come?
Who knows!
Life's a bitch. But life isn't life without the mistakes we made, the experiences we had and the the paths we took. We are here in this moment, the people we are today because of all these things. But this isn't who we are. We are young and we have our whole lives ahead of us. We have time to change, to grow, to learn new things, to find new love and most probably make a hell of a lot more mistakes. But that's all part of it.
Last night was probably one of the moments I will remember forever. Yes it was bad, it hurt, it still hurts, it will still hurt for a while. But this time, I'm handling it differently. The mistakes that were made on both sides, Im not going to try and forget but I am going to remember to try and learn from. I'm not going to go back down a downward spiral like last time; I'm going to let my friends and family in. Talk. Laugh. Live and most importantly Love again. 
My dad wrote this to me last night:

"Although the news you spoke of just now wasn't easy for me and certainly for
you to stomach. you made me a very proud father - 
why, cause I have seen, although you are vulnerable, you are also very strong and have a big heart and have learnt to share your inner most feelings, and let us parents and let your friends in to help you with an episode that will remain as a glitch but shall not derail your quest for eventual love & happyness when the true soul mate comes calling... 
This one certainly was not, so we all err in life and yours being so young, the chances of erring are naturally greater & more frequent... don't let it get you as it's all part of discovering life & growing up... (Here is me speaking from experience haha). 
We love you and you are our bright star at night and the sunshine by day :) <3 xxx"

It's time to move forward, eventually everything will come together...

December 18, 2010

Shopping Ban

I am spending waaay too much money lately! I went shopping again today and bought a new blazer from Top Shop, some long sleeve tops for Sydney from Forever 21 and more MAC :(:( nooo I need to stop!! 

my funds are seriously suffering

I'm putting myself on a shopping ban!!

Sparkly Shoes

I want sparkly shoes so bad! 
Love the look of these ones:


December 14, 2010

Top Shop Haul

They don't have Top Shop in Australia so I always make sure I go there when I am back home. Nick was with me so I didn't have much time to look around because he wouldn't stop complaining but I managed to pick up a few things. Definitely going back though to have another look. 
I also got my hair cut after I dropped Nick home. I didn't end up going for a drastic change - no surprise there. Will post a picture soon.

December 13, 2010

House Party

Went to my dad's friend's Christmas house party yesterday. What an a-ma-zing house! I took some sneaky pictures but didn't want to come across as a crazy stalker but it was so nice. So gonna be my goal to own something like that one day, I mean, dream big right? 

December 11, 2010

Hair Change

I'm so bored with my hair at the moment. I've never been one to experiment with my hair; if something looked good I usually stick to it with minor changes and I definitely never go for the short hair. 

I think the biggest change I ever did was when I had super long hair, all the same length and then wanted to go get some layers at the front and the lady understood me wrong and cut where I wanted my shortest layer to start from she basically cut as the main length. Yeah, I cried then and there haha.

So I'm not looking for a big change or anything, just a trim on the ends but maybe a sort of long layered fringe or something like the pictures above.
I have really fine hair though and not a lot of it (unfortunetely) so not sure if it would work. Probs best bet is to just go to the hair dressers and see what they say. Wish me luck!

The Tick

One of the make-up looks I've been trying for what seems like forever is the eyeliner tick. After all this time and attempts i STILL can't get the hang of it. I never know when to start going up and how far up to pull it etc etc. Always looks wrong. Sooo annoying!

December 07, 2010

MAC Haul

Sooo I went into MAC today just to buy the Face and Body Foundation; but as always I failed. I blame the fact that for some reason Malaysia doesn't carry this foundation all year and that this was a time they chose not to have it (which kinda sucked since I've been wanting to try out this foundation for ages). So instead of turning around and walking out of the store I ended up buying three different things. 

- MAC Blot Powder : Medium
- MAC Studio Fix Fluid : NW25
- MAC Fix +
I wanted one shade darker on the foundation cause I plan on doing some major tannage this christmas over here. And the Blot Powder I've heard good things over and I have oily skin so I'll try this one out. Have any of you tried these products before? Good/No Good?

December 06, 2010

Dress Love

How gorgeous does Mila Kunis look at the Black Swan premier? I love the dress she is wearing. Sexy yet still classy. Love! 

Home Sweet Home

Sorry for the lack of blog posts but I have been busy this week sorting out everything and packing my stuff for my trip back home to KL.

Went to Michael's army open day yesterday. Was pretty cool. I got to shoot ten rounds on the guns but they weren't loaded or anything. Just linked up so you could still feel a kick-back and get the results of your shots etc. We also got to see this live demonstration of them doing their thaang with tactics n all that.

Anyway now I'm back home in Malaysia. God damn it's hot over here. Always takes a couple of days to adjust back into it. But it's so good to be home. Will be updating you on antics from over here- always more going on during my holis :)

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