April 25, 2011

Green Tea

I dunno if I'm imagining it (since my boyfriend said he didn't see a difference) but I swear I think my skin has gotten so much better in the last couple days. Not better in terms of less breakouts or clearer skin - well yes clearer skin in a way - but more "young" looking. It's hard to explain, but do you ever look at your face and think 'man my skin looks so.... old and blah' well the last few days I've been looking at my face and thinking the exact opposite. It's really strange. Let's hope I didn't jinx it now.
I tried thinking what might be the reason for this and literally the only thing I can think of is green tea. Now hear me out, I've been drinking green tea religiously every day for about a week now. At least one cup a day usually more. I remember watching a youtube vid from Belle Du Jour about how she takes care of her skin and she said she drinks green tea religiously and that it helps so much. So I've been trying the same and yuuuuuuuuup I agree. (Please let it stay that way :P) 

I looked up what else green tea is good for:
  • eliminating free radicals within the body
  • absorbs and blocks cholesterol
  • helps prevent heart related conditions within the body
  • works to normalise blood pressure levels
  • helps to fight bacteria and viruses
  • improves the condition of the intestines by blocking bad bacteria and increasing levels of good bacteria
  • helps to detoxify the body
  • helps to stabilise diabetes
  • can assist in weight loss
  • slows the ageing process
  • helps to strengthen the immune system 
And the best part about all of this. It actually tastes good. 
win - win :)  

April 23, 2011

Calvin Klein Collection 2011

Check out the video for the Calvin Klein 2011 Collection. 
Love this vid!
If I had a life like that, the cars, the house, the jet ...... wow


Truth is, I get jealous easily because
whats mine is mine. I’m stubborn as hell,
I don’t say sorry enough. I act like I don’t
give a fuck because I care too much. I over
analyse the smallest of things & probably come off as a total bitch to simply guard myself.

April 20, 2011

Zara Sydney

So today was the official store opening of Zara here in Sydney and it was absolute madddnessss. I was at work and we always have the radio on and they were reporting how after only 10 minutes they had to do some serious crowd control cause there were just too many people flooding in so would only let in 500 inside the store at a time! 

I'm pretty used to Zara anyways since back home they are all over the place so am not that much in a hurry to go check out the store here in Sydney but will head over in a couple weeks once the hype has died down a little bit and I don't have to wait in line for ages to just get in the front door. 

I gotta say though i LOVE Zara's winter coats. They are amazing. But tbh I always only ever shop at Zara when the sales are on a) everything is obv so much cheaper but also b) they actually have good things in the sales. So I don't really mind waiting till they are on.

April 10, 2011

My Birthday

So yesterday was my birthday and it's safe to say that this wasn't one of those birthdays where I just sat at home doing nothing. Here's what I spent my day doing:

5:30 am start - 
get woken up by M and watch the sunrise over the ocean.

Go back home and get breakfast cooked by M and served back in bed.

9 am - Go on a 1 hour horse riding trek along the coastline.

Go home and have a definite needed nap (I am the worst person when I don't get enough sleep. 2 hours later get woken up by M with some lunch. Get dressed and we head over to Nick's for the cake.

6:45 pm - Snap Shot session followed by dinner at a German/Austrian restaurant.

9 pm - Ice Skating and being kids in the park on the swingssss :)

11:30 pm - Milking my last half hour of being able to get away with asking for something followed by "but its my birthdayyyy" so I asked for a massage haha. 

I was got so spoiled today. Loved everything that was planned for me. <3 <3

April 09, 2011

  Happy Birthday 
to meeeeeeee 

April 04, 2011


I've definitely been lacking in the blogging department lately. 

Been super busy since I started uni again - definitely over the semester already and can't wait for holidays! Mid semester exams are in 2 weeks and then have a 2 week holiday after them so at least that's a plus.

I managed to get a 6 month internship :) pretty excited about that. It's at Encompass Junior which is a Talent/Model Agency for kids under 17 here in Sydney and eMg Models is in the same office so regular hotties keep coming in which makes the internship being unpaid juuuust a little bit more enjoyable lol. 

Next thing to look forward to is my birthday this weekend :) Hope you have all been well x

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