February 12, 2011

Austria - Skiing

The last trip of my long 3 month "summer" holiday is now over as well :( Just got back from an 11 day skiing holiday in Austria with my dad and best friend Nick. We had so much fun! I hadn't skid for 6 years before hitting the slopes this time but it went so well, didn't feel like 6 years at all! The first part of the trip was filled with skiing in Mellau, and the second part was spent meeting up with my sister, cousins etc. 
Now I'm back in KL and only a couple days left here until I fly back over to Sydney. I just realised I am short one elective for uni this semester so I'm trying to find another subject for me to do; but failing. There is literally nothing appealing to me that UTS offers which I could do. Sigh, cannot be bothered really.

1 comment:

  1. haha- this doesn't look like a "summer" holiday to me! It looks like a lot of fun though!
    Neat site!


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