November 15, 2011


Hey everyone,

So finally the whole "birchbox", "glossybox" etc equivalent has hit Australia. I signed up to the company ILoveThisBox and was so exited to get my first box with goodies today. 

As you can see the packaging is similar to the other brands with a cute message card, which on the other side described the products you got and how much the original sizes retail for. The first thing that you definitely notice is the gorgeous fresh smell that you are greeted with when you open the lid. Loved that touch! 

Now onto the goodies!! As soon as you open the wrapping everything is laid out perfectly so you can get a good look at what you got straight away. I saw another review of this months ILoveThisBox and she got a different coloured nail varnish; so some of the item colours do vary from box to box.

 Cadalie Paris : Set of 3 Facial Care Samples : full size 30-40ml RRP $80
"Enjoy 3 of Candalie's patented grape-seed products - a moisturiser, an anti-wrinkle serum & an anti-wrinkle ultra nourishing cream - all enriched with anti-oxidants active ingredients to preserve the skin's youthful appearance."

The sample sizes of these are rather small as I hate getting smaller sizes for skin care as it obviously takes a while for your skin to show the results. However, I'm excited to try them as my skin has been going through a unusual dry phase lately and luckily these samples are "ultra nourishing". 

Essie French Affair's Spring 2011 Nail Polish Collection : full size 15ml RRP $18.95
"Essie's wildly romantic and effortlessly chic French Affair collection takes inspiration from the beaches of St Tropez. Excluding casual elegance and sophistication, this range will transport you to a topless convertible, driving by the seaside with the sun on your shoulders and the wind in your hair"

I got a blue sample in the colour 'Coat Azure'. The sample size is quite cute and I already tested it on one of my nails and it would have to be done with 2 coats to get the proper colour. I'm more of a neutral/more understated nail polish kind of girl but am going to give this a try for Spring time here in Australia. I love how they wrote the product description for it though!!

  Certified Organic by NATURE, NVEY ECO's Taupe #172 Eyeshadow : full Size 1.5 gr RRP 29$
"A full sized sample of our versatile and universal shade that can be used for all occasions. Talc free and formulated using soothing organics elements such as chamomile and jojoba oil, with added antioxidants Vitamins A, C & E, to create a smooth and soft formula, excellent for dry sensitive skin."

This is such a gorgeous colour in the pan and a full size product which will definitely last me ages as I don't think I've ever finished an eyeshadow before. The colour isn't that pigmented and quite sheer so would do as a really nice highlight colour on the eyes and under the brow.

  POD Liquid Tan - Gradual Tanning Face Serum : full size 50ml RRP $40
"Everybody's faking it! Re-create that iconic Aussie tan without the damaging sun or any irritating chemicals with POD Skincare's full size tanning face serum. The light-weight serum uses a eco-cert vegetable tanning active that quickly develops into a natural, long-lasting tan & the only self tanner to include Replic8 that mimics young healthy skin for a longer lasting tan"

Now this is what I'm talking about! Definitely my favourite product from the box since I love to look tan and am always on the search for easy products to do it. I'm going to start using this starting tomorrow. Plus they included the full size :) Also the ingredients list I thought was so clever; since most of the time you have no idea what these ingredients you are reading even are or come from so they included next to each one what they actually are/come from (e.g. aqua - water, Sodium Citrate - citrus fruit etc).
Keratinology by Sunsilk Salon Perfection Hair Collection : full size 100-200ml RRP $10.99-$13.99
"A premium collection designed to protect the investment women make in salon treatments. The keratinology by Sunsilk has been formed with Keratin Micro Technology, scientifically proven to prolong the luxurious look and feel experienced when you first step foot out of the salon and address the common damage symptoms caused by many salon treatments including bleaching, colouring and ironing"

I was impressed that they gave full sizes on these (200ml each). I won't be testing these out for a while as I am trying to finish off my current shampoo and conditioner. Also am always careful with hair products as I have extremely oily and flat limp hair so don't want products weighing it down.

The last thing to be included in the box was a '$10 off any Jewellery Purchase" in store or online for magnolia jewellery. I checked out the site already and most of it isn't my style, but I like the concept of discount vouchers.

Well that was my November ILoveThisBox. Unfortunately I had to cancel my subscription for now as am going on holiday from December to the end of January so wouldn't be able to pick up the box from the post office. But am definitely going to sign up again once I am back in the country. Love this whole concept of these sample boxes!!

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