March 20, 2011

Tattoo Mood

I'm in one of those moods again - 
the "I wanna get a tattoo" mood

I've lost count on how many times I've thought about wanting to get a tattoo but whenever I find myself set on a design idea and placement I end up changing my mind. That's when i realise; ok I'm probably not ready to get a tattoo yet. 
But here we are again and this is the picture that sparked up my mood:

A cute little heard on the inside of my ankle (a placement I have thought about before) and I've thought about getting a small heart design before as well so maybe this time we have a winner. 

Another thing always putting me off is what the pain would be like. Anyone else gotten the inside of their ankle done before? What's it like?


  1. I really want a tattoo, either on my wrist, foot or ankle! :)
    I really like them, but not to keen on big ones, they have so be small and cute xxx

    lovely blog :)

    maybe check out mine at


  2. Saw sad girl with bow on back of each leg - uneven so looked rubbish (but not just cause uneven if you follow)


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