June 11, 2011

Got my Nudes

I posted a picture a couple days ago of a pair of nude heels that I really wanted. Well I bought a pair yesterday and they are nearly exactly the same. Only cost me AUD$40 (they were on sale from $50). Tried taking some pictures of them but the lighting is really bad - without the flash they don't look that nude and with the flash they nearly look white. Click here if you wanna see how they look like properly from the website. If you live in Sydney I got them from the Shoebox store in the shopping centre above Paddy's Markets in Haymarket. I might get the sole on the heel changed to a black one (that little "stopper" on the heel part that you see in the pics in brown?) I can get it done reeeeally cheap so might do that for more of a contrast. What you think of the shoes? :)

1 comment:

  1. ahh I love nude colored shoes :)
    and yesss that was me next to the old people!! I love how you saw and recognized me all the way from Australia!

    I still need to watch the tv showing!! :)
    thanks for following! I couldn't believe I didnt already follow you, so I just did :))
    have a good weekend!


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