June 17, 2011

Luxy Hair Extensions

So I've been wanting hair extensions for, like, ever. Literally! Every time I hype myself up to buy them I spend a day researching different ones, find a company I like, research it a bit more, look at the different colours aaaand... it stops there. It's like I have this fear of committing to one shade in case I end up buying the wrong one and wasted all that money? Yes, I know most of them you can return as long as you didn't open them, but really, who wants to go through all that. It's just so much better when you get online purchases perfect from the start.

Today I had another one of those days. BUT. I actually ended up purchasing a set :) I settled on a band called Luxy Hair owned by two sister and which sell 20" 100% Remi Human Hair in weights of 120g and 160g.

The two Sisters
It took me a while to figure out what the weights meant? But basically it's no change in the hair/quality/length etc, the only difference is the quantity. So 160g had 10 pieces and 120g had 9. They recommended the 120g for finer/normal hair and the heavier one for thicker etc. I got the 120g because my hair is really thin and I even doubt I'll be putting all 9 pieces in?! Hope I made the right choice.

I had SUCH a hard time choosing the colour. Spent the whole day again just trying to research and decide. Ended up settling on the "#18 Dirty Blonde" and even though I'm tryin gto grow my hair out to my natural colour, which is darker than this one, they always say it's easier to darken lighter extensions than lighter darker ones. Check out the sort of colour match below.
Shipping is free btw, big plus, and it'll take abt 2 weeks until I get them (sent them over to my Malaysian address since I'll be going back home end of the month). Once I get them I'll do a full review and some pictures of how they look etc. I've never had extensions before so will practice putting them in a couple times first :P.

Do any of you use extensions or tried these before? Any tips on easy application or hiding the clips well? xxx


I thought I'd post some pictures of me wearing my Luxys:


  1. These are amazing hair extensions, but I've recently purchased another brand called Head Kandy. These hair extensions are better quality, comes in a variety of different shades/tones and much more. I suggest if you do ever want to buy another set or even just one thick triple weft, this is perfect! =D

    Check out the Luxy Sisters Youtube page! So helpful with maintenance and styling!


  2. they arrived yesterday and the colour is much better than i thought. haven't tried them yet or anything. i'll have a look at the head kandy ones next :)

  3. I had terrible experience with these extensions. They are from terrible quality! They shed, they fall out very quickly and after a month it looks like I'm wearing straw on my head instead of hair.
    And it doesn't even look natural, because there isn't enough hair in one weft to make it look like it's your hair and not fake.
    There are allot of plastic strands between the "real" ones and if you start straightening them or curling them they burn. I'm just so pissed right now that I spent 160 dollars to this crappy set. I really don't recommend buying from them, there are other extensions out there that are 1000x better!!


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