January 13, 2011

I finally got my laptop back!! Been in repairs for what seems like forever. Using a blackberry for internet just isn't the same.

Anyway so my Aunty left yesterday :( going to be so bored now without her here, so me and Nick decided to go to Phuket, Thailand next week :)! Phuket is always our party place and just chillll to the max so am looking forward to it. This KL trip was definitely not what I expected it to be so Phuket will be a good time to get away from it all.

My shopping ban didn't last very long; I blame Deb. I got some pretty nice things but suprisingly no make-up what so ever, so I guess that's definitely an accomplishment in itself.

Hit up Top Shop for the sales yet left with nothing from the sales but three items which weren't on sale?! Bought my first high wasited skirt ever. Never knew how to wear them before and never looked right so Deb helped me choose a nice one and when we got home put an outfit together. Make my legs look sooo long, love it! Also bought a more formal dress and a snooooood.

Next was Zara. At least these ankle boughts I got in the sale! They only had size 39 left and I'm a 40 but I liked them so much so I got them anyway. They look really good paired with my skinnies.

Went out on Saturday with some of the guys to say good bye as they are all off back to the UK again for uni. Only me and Nick left now since our holidays are until the end of feb. 

I'm going to go look through all of your blogs now and catch up on all your new postings :) xxx

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