January 01, 2011

The New Year

  *~*Happy New Year*~*
... may the New Year bring you 
everything you hope for!

I can't believe it's 2011 already! I hope you all had an amazing time celebrating the New Year! I spent my evening with my family and my Aunty Deb who flew over from the UK (she's my fav aunty). 
We went into the hotel for Japanese dinner and then had the champagne at the club lounge upstairs to watch the fire works over the KL Twin Towers - pic above. I usually spend New Years with my friends so this was a nice change!
Here are some pics of the night:

To the left - Aunty Deb, Mama and me    ~ To the right - Papa and me

At the Hotel


  1. Are you from KL? (I just saw the towers....)

  2. I've lived in KL for 14 years now. But I study uni in Sydney. Come back to KL every holiday tho :)


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