April 20, 2011

Zara Sydney

So today was the official store opening of Zara here in Sydney and it was absolute madddnessss. I was at work and we always have the radio on and they were reporting how after only 10 minutes they had to do some serious crowd control cause there were just too many people flooding in so would only let in 500 inside the store at a time! 

I'm pretty used to Zara anyways since back home they are all over the place so am not that much in a hurry to go check out the store here in Sydney but will head over in a couple weeks once the hype has died down a little bit and I don't have to wait in line for ages to just get in the front door. 

I gotta say though i LOVE Zara's winter coats. They are amazing. But tbh I always only ever shop at Zara when the sales are on a) everything is obv so much cheaper but also b) they actually have good things in the sales. So I don't really mind waiting till they are on.

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