April 10, 2011

My Birthday

So yesterday was my birthday and it's safe to say that this wasn't one of those birthdays where I just sat at home doing nothing. Here's what I spent my day doing:

5:30 am start - 
get woken up by M and watch the sunrise over the ocean.

Go back home and get breakfast cooked by M and served back in bed.

9 am - Go on a 1 hour horse riding trek along the coastline.

Go home and have a definite needed nap (I am the worst person when I don't get enough sleep. 2 hours later get woken up by M with some lunch. Get dressed and we head over to Nick's for the cake.

6:45 pm - Snap Shot session followed by dinner at a German/Austrian restaurant.

9 pm - Ice Skating and being kids in the park on the swingssss :)

11:30 pm - Milking my last half hour of being able to get away with asking for something followed by "but its my birthdayyyy" so I asked for a massage haha. 

I was got so spoiled today. Loved everything that was planned for me. <3 <3


  1. aw this was too cute! looks like you had such a good birthday! :) & your lauramercier q: it didn't work for me :/ the texture felt very weird on my skin, but i know girls who really love it, you should try a sample! i'm still on a search for my HG foundation!!

  2. The boy done good!


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