July 08, 2011

Fake MAC

Left - Real  ....... Right - Fake

Look at the picture above. Do you notice a difference? Yup, I was ebay faked. I should have known better than to get a face product off ebay but Australia is so crazy expensive that buying them online is just way cheaper. I've bought lipsticks off ebay before and they were all perfect so I decided to give one of the face products a try but wasn't so lucky this time.

Anyway, yes the one on the right is the faker. Difference between the two were:
- Packaging: writing on front, unsturdy, faker had a matte really soft casing, mirror inside wasn't placed properly
- Product: ew. Flaked soooo much with just one brush swipe, smelt horrible
- Colour: just look at the pictures. Faker is a NW25 and  the real deal on the left is a NW20.

Left - Real  ....... Right - Fake
I bought the colour NW25 online (yuuup that was NW25?!? Wayyy too dark and so orangey) Tried it anyway, one swipe of my brush over it and literally sooo much crumble product - you can see a tiny bit in the pic - just imagine that all over. 
Went to MAC yesterday, as I'm back home so it's way cheaper than Australia, to buy the real deal and i got NW20 (notice the difference of the NW20 original and NW25 faker?) I even asked to look at the original NW25 and it was sooooooooo different. Crazy.

Lesson learned. Don't get your make-up foundations off ebay. Lipsticks I will continue as I was happy with my previous purchases and got some trusted sellers on that front but never again for the face! Be careful guys, lots of people trying to rip each other off out there.


  1. thanks for another lovely post. I hope you had an amazing weekend. Would love if you'd check out my latest post featuring pictures from my favorite little treat shop in Beverly Hills. Thanks love. xoxo


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  2. Aw bummer that it was fake! Ebay is so flighty like that- sometimes it is great and sometimes there are just wierdos are there! Def agree once u have a good seller just buy from them! ) Great post, love! xoxo

    moonstruck exposé

    x. juliana


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