July 06, 2011

In & Out

  • Being on holiday and not having to worry abt uni work
  • Finally having a car to drive again (am back home over holiday)
  • Getting glammed up for nights out
  • The heat and sun. So nice and warm! 
  • Transformers 3
  • Buying more and more make up!!! Whyyyyy!!?? I can't stop buying make up even though I don't even need it. Serious make up addiction going on.
  • Being jealous of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's legs (from transformers 3)
  • Power cuts


  1. Haha, this is soo cute and very funny. I agree with everything on both lists! There should be some sort of club for make-up addicts! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that i really like your blog, and am now following! It would be awesome if you followed me back! Hear from you soon?



  2. haha i know i'm actually getting scared of how much make up i've been buying. i've told my friends to stop me whenever i even start walking towards a counter! lol
    following you back :) xx


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