November 05, 2010

Bridal Shoot

As I mentioned on here last week I managed to score a bridal shoot :) Woke up at 6am yesterday and made my way over to the studio for a 9am start. 
Hair and make-up took about two hours (there were three girls to get done) and I swear I have never worn so much foundation in my life lol. They seriously cake that stuff on to the max, not nice. 
The studio was pretty cool; it was like this event design place so it had all these different little sections of a different scenery. 
I was soo nervous at the beginning. I thought the photographer would give me some direction with the posing but all he told us was to "keep moving around. act natural. don't stop until i say" ermmm ok. There were about 12 dress changes or so, so after the first couple we all started getting the hang of it. Was good fun :)

Here are some of the pictures I took of the different dresses with my phone. I love the yellow dress! And another one of my favourites was the one you can see both pictures bottom right. It was short at the front, above the knees, and then the back was soooo long, I'd say maybe about 3,4 meters or so. Amazing!

There were two photographers, one taking the proper pics and the other taking 'different angle' ones. They said it will take a bit until I get to see the pictures but when I do I'll post some on here. He did send two though from the second photographer: 

For one of the shots me and the girl you see above, Ivy, had to interact with each other and act "natural" (I swear that must have been the word of the day) and he asked us to talk to each other and "keep smiling". Was kinda awkward but we just started talking about Gossip Girl :p

Anyway, hope you lik the pics, will post some more when I get them xxx


  1. hahaha yayy gossip girl would def involve smiling :)
    i love the yellow dress too! it reminds me of the dress Kate Hudson wore in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days...but classier! love it !!

    <3, brooke


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