November 27, 2010


I'm so happy :) I got given an award! I feel like I need to make my blog a little more stylish now just so that it fits the award.
Thank you so! much Brooke; I love your blog as well, so if this award hadn't come from you, you would have definitely been one of my seven.

The rules:
-Thank the person who gave you the award.
-Name 7 facts about yourself.
-Give the award to seven stylish bloggers, and comment them letting them know!

One: I love to travel
Seriously if I could I would just be traveling everyday all day. Discovering new places and seeing new things; just the fact that there is so much out there to see and experience. New foods, sights, people. I hate the idea of something being able to hold me back from seeing as much as the world as possible.

Two: I'm a daddy's girl
I love my dad, obviously I love my mum too but I just get on so much better with my dad. Me and him just click and are so alike. I often hear my mum say "You are so much like Papa". Even when I just hear my dad laugh it makes me so happy and laugh too. And he can never finish a joke without starting to laugh half way through already haha.

Three: Most of my friends are guys
My two best friends who are here with me in Sydney are guys. And most of my good friends are guys too. I do have some close girl friends but not here in Oz. Guys are just so much easier to get along with - no bitchiness. I do have times though where I miss having a close girl friend - shopping, girlyness etc. I find it way harder to make friends with girls tho for some reason. 

Four: Sleeeeeeping
I sleep so much. All the time. I'm always tired. I go to bed tired and wake up tired. Sleep sleep sleep. Love it love it love it. Specially when your so tired and you lie on ur bed and your whole body relaxes and sinks into the mattress. Best feeling ever!

Five: I enjoy getting ready for nights out more than I actually enjoy going out
It's so much fun to get ready for a night out on the town. Make-up, hair, outfit, pre drinks, snap shot picture session with Nick :) I like partying but the preparation for it is so much more fun for me. 

Six: I used to be a tomboy
Don't have a picture on my laptop from when I was younger but I was definitely a tomboy. My two best friends at the time - Hannah and Carla - used to live in the same condominium as me and we got up to so many crazyness. On the weekends we'd pack a bag with so much random stuff and just go exploring around the compound and jungle. It was so cool cause back then so many guys from my year lived in the same place so it was always us girls against the guys trying to not get caught by the security guards for getting up to no good. 

Seven: I love/hate looking at pictures of other people on the net
Sometimes when I look at people's blogs, or browse through tumblr etc there are so many thoughts going through my head. First of all HOW can they look like that - perfect outfits, hair, make up (jealousy). Second HOW can they keep taking such nice pictures and of such cool effects and colours - if its the camera I am seriously wishing for one of those high tech cams for Christmas. And third, dunno about third but yeah I wish I had pics like that.

Ok now to choose the 7 people I give this award to:
Christine ~ Temptalia

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  1. you are so welcome!! :)
    and i used to be friends with mostly guys too!! for some reason that changed this a way i wish i still had all those close guy friends, but it's nice to be able to talk about other things with my girls this year :)


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