November 27, 2010

News Flash

I had another shoot today! Was casual wear and bikini looks. I'll post some up once I get them if they turned out good. 
It took place in a National Park about an hour drive from Sydney City. Was so nice! Was a bit of a treck to get to the location, the first one was at a waterfall and the second one was at this random place.

Waterfall Location
So funny at the waterfall above we went pretty close to to the water and the rocks were so slippery! I was just casually walking back to the safe bit and full on slipped and fell straight into the water - not just a quick splash in with my legs, no - all of me. It was so deep I couldn't even reach the bottom. So yeahhh, right at the beginning hair and make up all blahhh lol. And my legs got a lil cut up on the fall down. Oh well we laughed about it after. 

On the trek to the Waterfall
We wanted to do some beach shots as well but it was a Saturday, 27 degrees and so they were crowded as anything. We might do it another day but I leave to go back home in a week so we'll see. 

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