November 08, 2010


I love looking through my old photo albums or going through my things back home and finding old notes we used to pass around in class or finding old letters. Having a trip down memory lane.

Yet at the same time it kind of makes me a little depressed. Yeah sure it's time to make new memories and continue on; but there just seems to be something about the past that makes it so much better. I dunno it's a strange feeling.

I definitely miss being back home in Malaysia, being back in high school! Seeing the same people everyday - what back then I used to complain about. Uni life is so different. People always say "university will be the best time of your life". I don't find that at all! I'm nearly done with uni and it's safe to say that I definitely don't find these years to be the best of my life. High school definitely was. Maybe I'm doing something wrong I dunno lol.
I definitely miss all these crazy people
I was going through an old folder on my laptop and found all these blog stories my best friend wrote back in like 2005 onwards and they are so unbelievably funny! He literally would write in detail all about an awesome night out we all had or a holiday and he made them so funny. Maybe I'll post one of them up; they are a bit of a read though but man was I laughin - helps me remember back to those nights and the little details. Like he would sum up most said lines of the night and things like that haha. I am trying to convince him now to write some this christmas when we all go back home to Malaysia. :)


  1. this is so true!! although I have more fun in university than i did in high school. but for some people it's different!

    i think this quote goes with what you're saying:
    "Sometimes you'll never know the true value of a moment, until it becomes a memory."

    <3, brooke


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