May 02, 2011

Royal Wedding

How amazing was the royal wedding on Friday?! 
Loved it! 
My mum was over in Sydney for a visit so it was me and her in the hotel room watching the whole thing. 

I loved watching every second of it. Best moments? 

- When Catherine walked into the church and Prince Harry turned around to see how she looked like since Prince William wasn't allowed to look yet
- The dress <full stop>
- The SECOND kiss on the balcony. The fact that there even was a second kiss
- The whole spectacle of the carriages, the horses, the masses of people etc etc etc

What were your favourite moments?

how cute is that little girl looking up at them?
Best dressed:

 Worst Dressed:

1 comment:

  1. Her dress rocked, love love love,
    You would think B & E would hire a stylist
    Agree with best dressed


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