December 23, 2010


We all make mistakes in life. Some worse than others. But we all make them. But basically what's done is done. We can't change what we did, we can't change who we meet, what we do. Our past is written in stone and there's no way of changing it. The only thing left to do is to move forward. 
But the hardest thing to do is to move forward. How? Do we try and forget about what happened? Do we take what happened and try and learn from it? Do we keep our thoughts bottled up until we eventually break down? Do we let our family and friends in and let them help us along with what is to come?
Who knows!
Life's a bitch. But life isn't life without the mistakes we made, the experiences we had and the the paths we took. We are here in this moment, the people we are today because of all these things. But this isn't who we are. We are young and we have our whole lives ahead of us. We have time to change, to grow, to learn new things, to find new love and most probably make a hell of a lot more mistakes. But that's all part of it.
Last night was probably one of the moments I will remember forever. Yes it was bad, it hurt, it still hurts, it will still hurt for a while. But this time, I'm handling it differently. The mistakes that were made on both sides, Im not going to try and forget but I am going to remember to try and learn from. I'm not going to go back down a downward spiral like last time; I'm going to let my friends and family in. Talk. Laugh. Live and most importantly Love again. 
My dad wrote this to me last night:

"Although the news you spoke of just now wasn't easy for me and certainly for
you to stomach. you made me a very proud father - 
why, cause I have seen, although you are vulnerable, you are also very strong and have a big heart and have learnt to share your inner most feelings, and let us parents and let your friends in to help you with an episode that will remain as a glitch but shall not derail your quest for eventual love & happyness when the true soul mate comes calling... 
This one certainly was not, so we all err in life and yours being so young, the chances of erring are naturally greater & more frequent... don't let it get you as it's all part of discovering life & growing up... (Here is me speaking from experience haha). 
We love you and you are our bright star at night and the sunshine by day :) <3 xxx"

It's time to move forward, eventually everything will come together...

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  1. that is so precious :) it looks like you have a really great family and support system!


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