October 25, 2010

Beach Bunny Swimwear

I stumbled across these bikinis the other day and love them! The brand is called "Beach Bunny Swimwear" and all their swimwear is lingerie inspired (as you can probably tell). 

The Kardashians have their own design range and celebrities like Holly, Ashley Tisdale, Eva Longoria are fans.

I love the designs for the bottoms; specially the lace waist ones and they have really cute cover ups and one-pieces as well.

They are pretty pricey tho, sigh, but they have a sale on atm for some of their stuff so I might buy a pair of those lace bottoms. 

Sorry for those of you going into winter, going into summer here in Australia :P Hence the bikini browsing.


  1. never heard of this brand but it looks very interesting! good luck shopping...ill be shopping for sweaters as we're heading into winter. haha

  2. i agree with the above I have never heard of them but they look adorable - it's always nice to have a cute bikini. Rather jealous you're on the hunt for these little cuties and I am looking for chunky knits to keep me warm now winterf is so closely upon us! Cute blog




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