October 21, 2010

Reality TV

I love "Reality TV"

Let's be honest here, who knows how much of this reality tv stuff is actually "real". I mean, did you guys see The Hills season finale?! 
But even though I know that some, even most of these shows are fake, they are still my guilty pleasures and I like the idea of it being reality.

Kardashians - Love watching these girls. Kim always looks flawless and seeing Kourtney & Khloe together is always funny.

Jersey Shore - GTL, T-Shirt Time... you know what I'm talking about. omg, so funny! Watching season 2 atm and I swear I think I have my mouth hanging open and am peeking through my hand for most of the episodes.  And those cat fights? Dayum 

The only way is Essex - So bad, that I somehow think it's good haha. Could those girls look any more fake? I thought one of the main girls was like 20-sumthing and then they say she's 19? That's not right 

The Spin Crowd -  Jonathan makes me laugh so much! One of the episodes where he's in the kitchen making a 'swan' gesture. So funny!

I know a lot of people hate reality shows (my boyfriend and best friend for instance) but they are my guilty pleasure

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