October 20, 2010

LA Candy

Am currently loving the LA Candy Novels by Lauren Conrad. I know the first one has been out for a while but I just picked it up a couple weeks ago and just finished the second one yesterday. 
Managed to buy the third one - Sugar and Spice - the other day as well so am onto that one now.
Nice easy reads!

Sweet Little Lies - Second Book
Sugar and Spice - Third Book

It's kinda weird reading books now by Lauren Conrad or LC as some of you may know her by - yes, I was a die hard Laguna Beach fan! That's why it's so strange yet pretty cool seeing how far she, and all of them for that matter, have come since the show (looks, career opportunities etc). I used to love watching Laguna Beach back in my free periods in high school! But only seasons 1 and 2, the others were kinda sheit. 
Any Laguna Beach fans out there thinking the same?

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