October 28, 2010

News Flash

OMG!!! I just got the best news ever!!! 
I managed to score a bridal modelling photo shoot for next week. YAY. I'm so happy! I've been wanting stuff like this to happen and now I managed to get something. I have my room-mate to thank; he just randomly gave his cousins some pictures of me and only told me bout it after they were interested :) Ahhh I'm nervous and dunno what to expect but don't wanna get too excited just in case something screws up.
What do I wear there, make-up/hair wise and clothes/underwear wise. Does anyone kno? 
Advice wud be amazing <3


  1. That's so exciting!!! Congratulations :))) I don't really know about advice...on America's Next Top Model they always say to wear like nude colored underwear and simple but cute clothes. Same goes to the make up I'm sure. Can't wait to see pics when it all goes through!

    <3, brooke

  2. thank you :) i'm gonna try getting those seamless nude underwear or something i think.


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